Yohan Steinson


Human Bandit


Sole survivor of the hero’s ambush of the bandits to pick up the extorted items from Oleg’s Trading Post. Led the group to the bandits camp, then the Old Sycamore where the Mites live.

Sent by Gorban Lightbringer to Sarenrae’s cathedral in Restov with a message for his order on his mission to bring light to the wilderness of the Stolen Lands.

Upon the founding of Brindol, Yohan returned with the charter and message that he was working with the cathedral. He was appointed as the Royal Spy in the council ruling over Brindol.

Yohan helping in finding the thief that had been plaguing Dawnsky as well as helping take care of the Bard that was spreading inflammatory comments in Dawnsky about the leaders there.

Yohan Steinson

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