Chief Sootscale

Chief of the Sootscale kobolds


Sootscale is the chief of the Sootscale kobold tribe. His tribe had been prosperous until Tartuk became the shaman of the tribe. When Tartuk joined the tribe he convinced Sootscale that the tribe had been cursed when he surreptitiously cast prestidigitation on a dead kobold to make it seem like his scales had turned yellow.

After the statue of Old Sharptooth (an ivory statue Tartuk claimed was a deity)had been taken for a third time by the mites, Sootscale seemed to have little choice but to declare war on the mites. Tartuk had convinced him the tribe would die of the curse if they did not retrieve and appease Old Sharptooth.

When the tall folk appeared carrying the statue, Sootscale was more than willing to discuss an alliance with them, but only after they had returned Old Sharptooth to him. When they handed the statue to him, he pondered for a moment before raising it above his head and smashing it against the floor, shattering it to pieces. Exclaiming that they were now free, he exhorted the party to help him kill the usurper before running off to attack Tartuk.

Tartuk put up a fight but with Naelan and Lona’s help Tartuk was slain. As a reward for their help he granted the party any piece of treasure Tartuk had the tribe gather, as well as making an alliance with them. He would leave the problem of the mites to the party so he can work on increasing his tribes strength.

While he was building his strength, Sootscale was visited a few times by the party to ensure that the kobolds were doing ok and regaining strength.

The alliance with the kobolds has begun to help out the city. Sootscale and his tribe mine gold and shre the profits with the kingdom of Brindol. In return they are allowed to trade in the city and have the support of the city and party as well as some protection from the people, though the borders of Brindol don’t yet include the homelands of Sootscale’s tribe.

Chief Sootscale

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