Dead gnome, reincarnated as kobold, dead kobold


When the party came upon Tartuk, they had just given the statue of Old Sharptooth to Chief Sootscale who destroyed it before thanking them then encouraging them to help him kill the “usurper”. Following Sootscales, they entered the room to see the chief of the kobolds attacking a purple scaled kobold. The rest of the kobolds followed suit while the party stood by stunned and trying to decide which side to help.

Naelan sided with the kobold chief and shot Tartuk with a magic missile only to have it absorbed by a shield. Lona decided to help her friend and shot Tartuk with an arrow, killing him. Sootscales then bent over the body of the kobold shaman and ensured his death with his blade.

One of the items given to the party as Sootscales thanks for saving his tribe was Tartuk’s journal. In the journal, Tartuk detailed his life, including his hatred of kobolds and gnomes as he had been born a gnome. When killed “saving” his village, the villagers used a scroll of reincarnate to reward the purple haired gnome. To their surprise he was reborn a kobold. When he awakened he was enraged at this twist of fate and fled from the village. Joining a kobold tribe he used is sorcery to convince them he was a shaman and declared war on his village. In the fallout he was the only one who remained alive.

Since then he has destroyed two more kobold tribes and was on his way to destroying a third, the Soostcales, before the group of adventurers emboldened Chief Sootscale to attack and kill him.


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