Tag: Deceased


  • Kressle-deceased

    Nicknamed Hatchets by the group of heroes, Kressle was the leader of the bandits the first time they showed up at Oleg's Trading Post. The day before the group attacked the bandit camp, the bandits had a few small bags stolen by mites in the area. As …

  • Grabbles-deceased

    Grabbles and the mites in his council, were preparing for something over a map drawn in the dirt when mites from the common room fled through the war room. Knowing something was coming the mites prepared, Grabbles scrambling on top of Tickleback. When …

  • Tartuk-deceased

    When the party came upon Tartuk, they had just given the statue of Old Sharptooth to [[:chief-sootscale | Chief Sootscale]] who destroyed it before thanking them then encouraging them to help him kill the "usurper". Following Sootscales, they entered the …

  • The Stag Lord

    The Stag lord and his bandit crew were slain by the party. Once he was no longer living there, his fortress would become the grounds for the first the fledgling city in Brindol, Dawnsky.