Claiming the Stolen Lands

An Update
From the beginning to the present

The high points. (some elaborated on by players)

  • Stopping bandits from extorting goods and money from Oleg’s Trading Post:
    Upon the party arriving at Oleg, they found out that he was having trouble with bandits, though there origanal intention was to explore, when they found this out, they decided to help out.
  • Raiding the camp of bandits on the Thorn River:
    A bandit camp was found on the Thorn river by the party, they were almost all killed, the leader was tied to a tree as a warning. One bandit survived. After imparting usfull information to the party about the whereabouts of the other bandit leaders he was sent to the city with a message for Gorbin, Lightbringer‘s chuch about what to do about him and as to how Gorbin’s trip was faring.
  • Exploring and helping the Sootscale kobolds throw off the yoke of fear of Tartuk-deceased:
    The party retrived a statue for the kobolds, upon reciving it soon-to-be chief Sootscale went to Confront Tartuk. Lona and Naelan steped in to help fight Tartuk and swiftly killed him.
  • Created a trade agreement with Chief Sootscale for the development of the gold mine in the area: Once Tartuk was taken care of the kobolds were willing to help the party. The party showed them where a undeveloped gold mine was at and brought them some tools to mine it in exchange for them sharing the gold and setting up trade with Oleg and any future cities.
  • Exploring the Old Sycamore and reduced the attacks of Grabbles-deceased and the other Mites on the Sootscale kobolds.
  • Exploring the Northeastern portion of the Narlmarches, before heading to the Tuskwater and the Stag Lords Fort.
  • After penetrating the fort, confronting the Stag Lord, fending off the Stag Lords Lieutenants, returns to Oleg’s Trading Post for a rest before heading out for more exploration.
  • When word reached Restov of the success in clearing bandits a new charter and supplies were sent to Oleg’s Trading Post.
  • The Charter was a granting of a right to rule for Naelan Odelay Lona and Gorbin, Lightbringer as they had cleared the northern reaches of the Greenbelt of bandits.
  • Deciding to call their country Brindol, they founded their capital city of Dawnsky in the ruins of the Stag Lords Fort:
    When they country was founded they appoined some of the other people they had met in thier travels to various leadership positions in their new government including, Kesten Garess,Bandit #3Oleg Leveton,Sanjuro, andSvetlana Leveton. They all also had their own roles.
  • After spending a year organizing the structure of the kingdom, building the beginning of Dawnsky and travel route north, the heroes decide to it is time to explore and clear the land around Dawnsky.
  • Exploring the shores of the Tuskwater and Candlemere Lake.
  • Returning to Dawnsky they find the town being terrorized by a werewolf, and a daring thief. After taking care of the werewolf, they spend time tracking down the thief before arresting him, and trying him for his crimes.
  • They group was approached by a man who wanted to start a small town to the west. The party led him as well as a few other voulenteers from Dawnsky west though an area they had recently mapped and cleared to found the new village of Tatzlford.
  • The gold mine was established and the kobolds bring the money to the town treasury directly. Though there is still a standing agreement with the party about money the koblods make from jewelry that comes from the mine. That money goes to the party.
  • The stag lord’s helmet, as a final symbol of the bandits being hindered greatly, was given to the city to put in the treasury.
Exploration of the Stolen Lands
A starting point

This log (hopefully created by party members, or at least commented upon by party members) will detail the party of adventurers exploits and explorations of the stolen lands as allowed by the Charter given to them in the city of Restov.


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